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Ew! If you are of that age or generation, you may just remember such a concoction. It was something your mom or grandmother spooned to you to quell you of your stomach ailments. And after just one tablespoon full of it, the taste was quite galling. Needless to say, it left a bitter taste in your mouth. A bitter pill to swallow in order to heal and recuperate during times of illness. No, urethane grade castor oil is nothing like it at all.

It is industrial use castor oil through and through. It is also low moisture and pale pressed. Pale pressed castor oil is refined. Urethane grade, pale pressed and low moisture caster oils are, of course, used in industrial and commercial applications that need the minimum of moisture applied to it. In any case, the industrial use castor oils already have a low moisture content of less than a percentage point.

urethane grade

And urethane grade castor oil is prepared at an even lower moisture content, approaching zero. Urethane that is polymerized through moisture during the oil’s formulation is also reduced in content volume. The applications that are made usually come in the form of urethane coatings, inks and adhesives. It is also used in industrial processes that require urethane blowing and molding.

There is no bitter taste. The oil can be prepared with lower than average acid values and in lighter colors. Urethane castor oil is able to react to all urethane based adhesives and coatings. It is ideal as a curing catalyst. Low moisture content achieves stronger structural integrity. The preparation and use of this oil is also sustainable. It is cost effective to use and can be applied to numerous industrial processes, from the making up of foam materials to preparing potting compounds.